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Meet our massage therapists in louisville, colorado


Shelly | Sports & Deep Tissue
Massage Specialist

I provide intentional, intuitive and informed support for whole body healing, which we’re all in need of, and I know both personally and professionally that high-level massage therapy, as well as supplementary forms of bodywork, can expedite the healing processes and lead to significant, sustained results. My goal is to help clients to live as pain free as possible by taking a whole body approach to my work. Pain and muscular tension are often symptoms of larger issues. Rather than just working to relieve the symptoms, I try to help rectify the underlying problem (structural imbalance, compensation tension patterns, muscular tension that inhibits proper movement, edema, etc) that is actually causing the symptoms to persist. I love to work with people who are invested in improving their own wellbeing and willing to take an active role in bringing about change and improvement. I am also skilled in problem solving pain, prenatal, and lymphatic drainage.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

Jayme | Deep Tissue Massage Specialist

Jayme graduated from The Flint School Of Therapeutic Massage in 2006 and since then has worked in many settings in the massage industry. He enjoys helping people get rid of knots and tension in their body so they can maintain a higher quality of life and activity both at work and while pursuing personal endeavors.

Jayme is an athlete himself so he knows how to help fellow athletes improve their muscle function to avoid pain and continue doing what they love! Jayme is skilled in using Gua Sha, Graston, Trigger Point Therapy, and Deep Tissue work. 

He is an avid trail runner and has participated in a handful of ultra-trail races and has volunteered for Hard Rock 100. In his free time you'll find him out on the trails running or making music.


Rene | Deep Tissue Massage Specialist

Born and raised in Virginia, I am very down to earth and personable. I moved to California for College for Bio electrical engineering at UCSD. I like the outdoors and health, surfing, snowboarding and swimming. I have had a personal trainers license since 1998 and earned massage license in Vista Ca in 2009 . Working on the military base at Camp Pendleton, Ca as a trainer and therapist for a decade, I moved to Colorado to get degree in Exercise Science at UNC in 2016. In addition, I worked at CU Boulder for the last 7 years as a personal trainer. I am an expert in fascia, fascial systems, sports massage, trigger point, pain relief, neurological patterns, movement, stretching, injury, auto accident injury, chronic, acute, age and work related stress and biomechanics. I have experience with all ages and abilities and am excited to help you move and feel your best. My modalities include swedish, deep tissue, PNF, NMT, trigger point, assisted and passive stretching, myofascial release and repair and my all time favorite method for the neurological system, Feldenkrais. You will always leave feeling better and have a plan .


Jasmine | Deep Tissue Massage Specialist

Jasmine was born and raised in Boulder. She grew up receiving regular chiropractic and massage treatment and understands first hand the benefits of both modalities. Jasmine has been practicing massage for over a decade! Jasmine has a passion for eliminating pain and getting directly to the cause of your issues. Jasmine specializes in focused structural work. She does deep, specific work to relieve those over worked muscles. Jasmine is also skilled in stress relief techniques and prenatal massage. 

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