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Apex offers massage & recovery packages because we know the importance of a maintenance program.


If you keep driving your car around with the check engine light on, chances are you'll do more damage and it will cost more to fix in the long run. Keeping up with good maintenance is important- For your car and your body!



12 pack.... 996


6 pack... 510


4 pack... 348


We also offer 12 packs & 4 packs of 90 min, and 30 min massage sessions

Please ask us for details when you visit us in Louisville!

Our Team & Our Work

"We work hard to find MT's who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about working with our clientele. Our standard is high and we expect a lot from the massage therapists that work at our facility. Our goals and intentions for improvement within the body are lofty but attainable when our MT’s and our clients are willing to put in the work.  We do more than just make our clients feel better and that is why we don't just hire anyone. We have a reputation to uphold that we have so much pride in. We problem solve and we work together to create a solid recovery plan for our clients. We address the actual problem, not just the symptoms. Beyond just getting rid of pain, we want to find out what is causing it to ensure that it doesn't return. "

                             - Darcie Jones, Owner & Manager

Pros & "The Average Joes"

“Our unique blend of injury treatment and sports recovery massage is perfect for the active individual and desk jockeys alike. If you play hard, train hard, and work hard you need to recover hard and the standard “Swedish relaxation” approach just doesn't cut it! We have therapists with the knowledge to help you understand your body better and our approach is intense, specific, and effective. Our clients happily grit their teeth and embrace the pain because they know they will feel better after and get back to doing what they love.”  

                                      - Dawn Kirby, MT & Trainer

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