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The Recovery Lab is a state-of-the-art sports recovery and injury prevention center. We supply the latest and most effective technology and modalities to heal from injuries and recover from activity faster and more effectively. We make the science and technology accessible to the community and they “run” with it!

We know it can be difficult to schedule the treatment you need with the specialist you want and we want to educate and empower our clients to help themselves. Scheduling on-line is easy and all of our equipment is user-friendly and ready for use with a simple orientation.


Our wide variety of tools promote healing, speed recovery and prevent injury to keep people moving and doing what they love! We offer education and individualized plans to recover and prevent or heal injuries. We recognize that every body is different and specialize in making plans that fit the specific needs of each client. 


A lot of our equipment uses infrared technology which is great for recovery, pain relief, detox, cellular energy production, reduction in inflammation, and increase in circulation. Check out our infrared saunas too!

*The recovery lounge is currently on an appointment only basis

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