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Using range of motion and muscle testing we can identify the root cause of the problem, bring balance back into the muscle system by increasing contractile capability of inhibited muscles, and train the muscles for greater endurance and performance.

This is for folks anywhere along the exercise continuum -- athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and active or sedentary individuals!

For anyone rehabilitating from an orthopedic injury -- efficient joint motion is essential to recovery and optimal performance and this modality can really help improve your rehab experience!

Dawn's technique is a holistic approach for identifying and treating muscle imbalances contributing to joint mobility issues, pain, and injury.

You can consider her work to be any and all of the following things:
Mobility & Stability Re-balancing
Strength & Stability Reactivation
Muscle System Reactivation
Muscle System Re-balancing
Muscle System Reintegration

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Contact us directly to schedule your initial consultation! 

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