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Most people find that regular weekly usage of the sauna maximizes the benefits.  Therefore we have several options based on your preferred usage schedule. The single sauna is smaller and can only fit one person. The queen sauna has more infrared wavelengths, allows room for lounging, and can fit two people comfortably if you want to bring a guest. 

Sauna Plans:

We offer 12 packs and 4 packs for the queen sauna.

You can choose to do 20 minutes sessions or 40 minutes sessions. Once you come in for your initial session we can discuss what length would be best for you based on your goals.

New Client 20 minute trial session... 27

Queen 40 minute session... 56

*bring a guest for an extra 10/session!

Sessions include access to our shower! Please bring your own towels (2), robes, flip-flops, and water. 

Sunlighten® FULL SPECTRUM-Infrared Sauna

- 3 in 1: Far, mid, AND near infrared wavelengths 


- Ultra low EMF emissions

- Includes showers!

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