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Great for gyms, Crossfits,

PT & Chiro practices,

or even a common area of any office space.

Fixt Movement is now consulting with other businesses interested in adding recovery equipment to their facility!

Over the years, we have discovered a large collection of recovery tools and equipment that are simple, safe, and effective for anyone to use with some basic guidance and education. We have developed a program to educate and empower people to help themselves recover from injury and/or athletic activity faster and more effectively.

We have years of experience implementing and troubleshooting these products with various populations, from elite and professional athletes to the weekend warrior to someone who just twisted their ankle. We know what works, why it works, and how it works and we want to share this expertise with any facility that can benefit from having a set-up of their own.




We will analyze your facility to recommend the best combination of equipment for your client type, mentality, and environment and put together a package of equipment bespoke to your facility and clients. In addition, we train and educate facility owners and employees on equipment set-up, usage and maintenance, common injuries, contraindications, and benefits of each piece of equipment. We also teach facilities how they can educate their clients to be self-sufficient users of the recovery lab. We can add to this package over time as new or updated science and equipment comes out or help change the facility to cater to different client populations.

We educate and empower you to set up a community of happy and healthy customers that return to the facility more often, stay a member longer, sign up for more classes, spend more on retail items, and spread the word around town about your amazing facility. Everyone wins!

Contact Geoff and Darcie to learn more!

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